Major renos happening at Searchmont Resort


With major renovations completed or currently underway, it’s poised to be a solid season for Searchmont Resort. The improvements to the ski hill are expected to increase the operational viability of the attraction and help ensure it remains sustainable for future seasons.

The recent enhancements to Searchmont Resort, which are designed to generate a better experience for ski and snowboard users, include:

· Upgrades to the ski lifts and improvements to the hill terrain;
· Overhauls of the snow-making equipment; and
· Restoration of the main groomer and the purchase of two newer groomers designed for heavier use.

“These critical improvements will reduce operating costs, improve riding conditions and help move the operation closer to long-term sustainability,” said Colin Wilson, General Manager of Searchmont Resort. “With these enhancements, our team is very excited, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming season.”

The Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (SSMEDC) purchased Searchmont Resort in December 2014. The acquisition was required to ensure the business remained open. With the transaction and subsequent new lease on life for the attraction, the resort is able to take advantage of various funding programs from senior levels of government. For instance, the recent renovations were made possible with investments from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and FedNor – Industry Canada.

“When our organization purchased Searchmont Resort last year, the goal was to enable the attraction to undertake infrastructure improvements and help it remain viable,” said Greg Punch, Past President of the SSMEDC and Chair of the SSMEDC Searchmont Committee. “We continue to move forward with that plan and are seeing considerable progress, which is translating into a promising 2015-16 season.”

The Searchmont Ski Association is operating the resort and is leasing it from the SSMEDC. For more information on the attraction, visit Also online: