More needs to be done on Syrian refugee crisis: Sheehan


Sault Ste. Marie – Yesterday the Liberal Party of Canada announced a Liberal government will take immediate action to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada and address this tragic humanitarian crisis.

“It is imperative that Canada does more to help the plight of the Syrian refugees,” said Terry Sheehan Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area. “For months Justin Trudeau has been calling on the Conservative government to do more, their efforts to date in no way reflect the scale of this most desperate situation.”
A Liberal government would: Expand Canada’s intake to 25,000 refugees from Syria through immediate, direct sponsorship by the Government of Canada. We will also work with private sponsors to intake even more; Invest at least an additional $100 million this fiscal year to increase – without reducing standards – refugee processing, as well as sponsorship and settlement services capacity in Canada; and Provide an immediate $100 million new contribution to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to support the critical relief activities in Syria and the surrounding area.

Sheehan goes on to say “Leaders from coast to coast including Mayors and Premiers have stepped up to lead on this issue, yet Mr. Harper will not budge to answer the call of so many Canadians. Canada has a long and proud history of assisting others in times of natural and humanitarian crises. The government must do more.”


  1. Ron and Ed are bang on the money. Shame on the NDP and the Liberals for finding a way to put the blame for this on Harper. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the repugnant terrorist group ISIS. Notice how these migrants are young males with hardly a female in sight. The West is falling into a deadly trap, superbly set by these radicals.

    If Ron and Ed are special it is because they can see what is going on. The bleeding hearts, artists and tree-huggers in this community are blind.

    I have always had the utmost respect for Terry Sheehan, and have not idea why he is running for a Liberal Party led by someone like Justin, someone who’s out of his league and is just not ready.

  2. I am shocked at the responses…these people are dying…i am embarrassed to admit I am from the same City as Ron and Ed. If you are reading this from another City know that Ron and Ed are “special people”

  3. Another stupid idea from Boy Blunder.Who is going to pay for this? We are in a recession with high unemployment.We have our own people to look after first before we bring in more people.
    The only people we should be bringing into is the Christians who have been subject to barbarianism by the Muslims in Syria and Iraq.Muslims should be going to Muslims countries where they can do their Muslim thing.

  4. it’s also the liberal plan to ‘expedite’ status by eliminating the requirement of proof that they are actually ‘refugees’. Canada is doing its part in bringing refugees from Syria and Iraq and helping rid the area of isis which is the real problem, to suggest we are not is ridiculous and politically motivated. To use images of dead children in the worst humanitarian disaster in recent history to slam one’s opposition is despicable and to swing the doors wide open is not only foolhardy but downright dangerous. Neither the NDP nor the Liberals will get my vote.

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