NDP and Liberals are puzzling and wrong – Hayes


“Our nation is built on the backs of many people, but few can stake this claim more directly than the hard working Canadians who make up Canada’s trade unions.

Often the political discussion fails to see the similarities in thinking behind the trade and industrial union movement in Canada and the thinking behind our Conservative platform. ‎In fact, often times, there are more similarities than differences.

Does the foreman or forewoman at Essar Steel want to pay more tax? Does his or her family not deserve a break when forking out money for hockey gear or buying things that otherwise would have had a 7 percent GST tax attached? And wouldn’t he or she have more job security if Essar could sell their steel to an economy of 500 million new customers such as the European Union without tariffs that are in existence today? Of course they do, which is why the NDP and Liberal positions of no-trade and high-tax are so puzzling and so wrong.

In addition to the same thinking on supporting families and low taxes, trade and industrial unions also want direct investments into their industries from the Government, to help make them more competitive and to invest in new products. It should be noted that our Government has been there with interest free loans, new infrastructure commitments and low corporate taxes, which has allowed Essar to invest millions into their operations instead of sending that money to Ottawa.

Our focus moving forward will be to keep our business taxes low while investing in our economy. On October 19th, I’m asking for your support so we can do just that.”