Planting 160 Trees!


The TD Friends of the Environment, in partnership with the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority (SSMRCA) will be celebrating TD Tree Day in Sault Ste. Marie by planting 160 trees on Saturday, September 12, 2014 from 9 am to 1 pm.
TD Tree Day provides TD employees, families, friends and community members with the opportunity to demonstrate environmental stewardship in their local community.
Healthy forests and urban green spaces are good for the environment and provide positive effects on our mental and physical health. By participating in TD Tree Days, volunteers actively support forest stewardship, while at the same time make a real contribution to their own well-being and support local community health.
In addition to the positive effects on our physical and mental health, the aesthetic, cultural, recreational and ecological values of forests provide vital functions including:
Erosion prevention
Production of oxygen and filtering of air pollutants
Moderate climate
Provide essential habitat to birds and other wildlife
Provide shade and wind reduction
Mitigate the effects of global warming
Increase forest biodiversity
“The TD Tree Day planting taking place on Landslide Hill is an important community event, and a perfect connection for both organizations,” said Deane Greenwood, SSMRCA Trail Coordinator and Community Liaison.” It’s part of a continuing effort by the SSMRCA to combat extensive erosion on Landslide Hill. The tree plant will include native species such as White Cedar, Red Oak, White Birch and White Pine.”
Parking for this event is available on the west side of Bible Fellowship, 756 Landslide Road. Everyone is welcome to lend a hand and plant a tree. Volunteers should wear sturdy work boots or closed toe shoes, and bring work gloves and a water bottle as well as a shovel and pail for carrying water and mulch. Training and guidance will be provided on site.