Rail Mill Reunion – 2015


The Rail Mill Reunion, as it’s known, has been taking place annually for the last 25 years. It’s not only a party, it’s a chance for old friends and workmates to get together and talk about old times and renew friendships that have gone by the wayside because of distance and different lifestyles. It’s becasue of people like Frank Jolicour, Linda Wigmore, Bob Zeppa, and Jack Bright that it has gone on this lone. They take it upon themselves to arrange everything and call everyone until they are all contacted.


Time moves on and people develop different lifestyles. You take Sam Medaglia, he walks daily and stays in good shape, while Frank Joliceour walks Queen Street making sure that there are no expired meters, Some, like Patsy from the old Siemag, have moved back to the old country and Vince Volpe has finally retired from the restaurant business that he and his brother Otto had for over 40 years. Their older brother Val has also had a change in life in that he has found a new love, just like many others have done from the old Rail Mill. Don Knianhicki has finally retired after working on contract for a while and Ted Dumanski is still toiling at Essar Steel after 52 years.


Some have found new employment just to take up some of their new found free time and others have fallen in love with the new generation in their families. After raising their own children, now they spend their time with the grandkids, the loves of their lives.


Some have passed on and yet, others are in ill health, but the stories that are told include everyone, here or not. Most of the stories are funny ones and some are of accomplishments and changes that occurred while working.

The structural department doesn’t exist any longer but the memories will last forever, no matter how you remember them.


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