I am not sure why it is always early morning, when I am unable to sleep, that I decide to re-evaluate my life. I woke up this morning at 6 something, on the only morning I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm. I snuck out of bed, put on my fluffy socks, warm sweatshirt and cozy jogging pants to spend some quality time alone.

Waking up, thinking about a traffic situation, in downtown Toronto, where we ended up approaching a one-way street, when we thought we could turn right, I started thinking of the term, ‘Recalculating, recalculating’, as if the irritating woman’s voice on the GPS was researching new directions.

I don’t use a GPS anymore, because I have ended up doing circles around construction sites, in unfamiliar cities, by listening to that nasty machine! Instead, I have to do some advance planning, screenshot some maps and pay attention to the signs.

This is very much like the idea of recalculating our lives. We can’t always rely on someone or something to do the recalculating for us. We are the ones who know ourselves best and our body will tell us if we are on or off track.

So this early morning, I pulled out our handy, dollar store sketch book, which we keep on our coffee table, for when we want to draw our ideas or lay out our plans. I like to see a visual representation of my life. It is like a life map.

I jotted the outstanding projects on the go, things left on my to-do list, upcoming events, things that are going well, things I need to work on and ideas for the near future. This is what I always do when opportunities are on the horizon and I want to see if I have the time or energy to fit it all in.

Seeing the big picture, at a glance, I realized that there was a large empty space in the middle of the page. I had written all of the items on my mind, on the outside edges. This was revealing for me. I felt like it was confirmation that I am ready to take on a new project.

As I am writing, I am able to assess if I am overwhelmed or excited about something. I am all about simplifying my life so that usually means something has to go, when new things come into the picture.

If I don’t recalculate regularly, I end up feeling scattered, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and grumpy. My body will tell me if an idea is right for me or not, because I will instantly feel stressed or exhilarated while writing it down.

Old-WaysI also discover what I might be interested in doing with my free time, for enjoyment. Today, on my day off, I am feeling drawn to do art. I had attended one of those Paint Nite events where I painted for the first time since Kindergarten.

Painting was so relaxing and peaceful for me. As soon as the store opens, I am going to get a canvas, some brushes and paint, so that I can play today. It is important for us to make some time to do something just for us.

Is recalculating in order for you? Are you feeling a bit lost, confused, scattered or discombobulated? No need to panic, just grab a large piece of paper and start drawing out your life.

Doing this exercise will be like checking in and summarizing where you are at. We use many maps in our life and this will be like a snap shot of where you are now. You may see patterns, pictures, symbols, words, hints or signs about what your next step is, or not.

Once I write things down, it gets it out of my head. Then I just start picking away at the items, one thing at a time, ensuring that I am fitting in the fun stuff along the way.

Life can certainly be overwhelming when we have so much on our mind, but each and every day we are given 1440 new minutes to work with. You just have to remember that ‘you are here’ and you can go in any direction you choose.

What are you going to do with your 1440 minutes today?

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’ ~ Marthe Troly-Curtin