Sault residents to pay less for prescription drugs with NDP: Morrison


An NDP government work with provinces to make prescription drugs more affordable, by supporting universal prescription drug coverage and controlling drug costs through bulk purchasing, says local candidate Skip Morrison.

“People are paying too much for prescription drugs because Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working,” said Morrison. “Tom Mulcair’s plan will lower the price Canadians have to pay for their prescriptions and help all Canadians cover those costs with better coverage.”

Under Stephen Harper, Canadians are now paying $6 billion a year on prescription drugs – 62 per cent more than in 2006. Ten per cent of Canadians cannot afford to take the drugs prescribed by their doctors.

NDP Leader Mulcair has announced that, working with the provinces, an NDP government will invest $2.6 billion over four years with the goal of providing universal access to prescription drug coverage.

The NDP will also target a 30 per cent average reduction in the cost of prescription drugs to provinces and individuals through bulk purchasing programs and collaboration with provinces. This will generate as much as $3 billion in savings for provinces through their own drug coverage programs.

“Sault Ste. Marie families should never have to choose between food and medicine,” said Morrison. “That’s why our goal will be to see all Canadians have prescription drug coverage once and for all.”