Sheehan Unveils Plan for Sault Ste. Marie and Area


Today Terry Sheehan, Liberal Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area, has outlined part of his plan for reinvigorating the local economy and improving infrastructure.

“It is time that Sault Ste. Marie had a Member of Parliament who is Sault Ste. Marie’s voice in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s voice in Sault Ste. Marie,” said Sheehan. “The Liberal Party of Canada is the only party in this election willing to make the necessary investments so vital to the future of Canada and its people, and I am ready with a plan to help bolster the local economy and protect and create jobs.”

Key points to Sheehan’s plan include:

– Immediately striking a committee comprised of leaders in our area including MPP Orazietti, Mayors and Reeves, First Nation Chiefs, both Post-Secondary Institutions, representatives of the business community, scientists, along with the Economic Development Corporation and Innovation Centre to come up with a clear, concise strategy and direction for prioritizing opportunities to take advantage of the Liberal Party’s commitment to invest $200 million more annually to create sector-specific strategies that will support clean technologies in the forestry, mining, and energy sectors.

– Working with Essar Steel Algoma to make sure that their products are used as part of the Liberal’s multi-billion dollar investment in infrastructure projects

– Working directly with municipal leaders and councils in the area to prioritize local infrastructure needs and securing federal dollars to support them

– Pushing for improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway throughout Northern Ontario to improve safety and to allow for more efficient distribution for area industry and business

– Securing the necessary investment from the Federal government to allow for the continued planning and development of Essar’s Port of Algoma

Sheehan states, “As a city councilor for more than 10 years, I have the experience to lead. I deeply understand the challenges and needs of our communities and I have had a voice at the table discussing important issues in the Sault and area for a very long time. I have worked for many years in municipal government, as well as in both the private and public sector to create opportunities for others and have demonstrated my commitment to the people of Sault Ste. Marie and area. I am ready to bring this same commitment to the role of MP.”


  1. Port of Algoma?? The Sarnia-Detroit tunnel would have to be deepened in order to facilitate the ships we are proposing here. Now if you think that the underwater highway would be redone to facilitate a private company here in good ol sault Ste Marie, than , yes, it is a possibility. If not then stop dreaming

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