Skip Morrison and the NDP are not committed to creating jobs: Sheehan


At Tuesday night’s all candidates’ debate, Skip Morrison further demonstrated that he lacks the experience for the position of Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie and Area and that the NDP plan lacks the vision and commitment to the people of our area when it comes to working to create job opportunities.

“The other night Skip Morrison was quite emphatic about raising corporate taxes”, said Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie and area. “I’d like to remind him that some of our largest employers are companies who would be affected by these taxes. I doubt Essar Steel paying higher taxes will lead to them creating more jobs.”

Unlike the NDP, the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau are committed to creating jobs. That’s why they are ready to invest the most in the history of our country, to create the jobs for today, while simultaneously addressing a pressing need in cities all over Canada, just like here in Sault Ste. Marie.

Sheehan goes on to state “Not only will this record investment be an energizer for the economy by creating thousands of jobs for the present, it will develop the infrastructure needed for our children and grand children to be competitive in the future. And, when there are record low interest rates as there are now, that’s the time to invest in our country’s critical infrastructure. The investment addresses the issue of unemployment, future prosperity and safety.”

Skip Morrison also cavalierly tossed around the term “career politicians”. If Mr. Morrison doesn’t think it is admirable to demonstrate commitment to one’s city and fellow citizens, that’s too bad, though I would question why he would be running in the first place?”, says Sheehan. “I have been involved in our community in different ways for the last 20 years, most recently in my role as city councilor, representing the residents of Ward 2, and I am proud of it.”

Terry Sheehan is employed as a Training Consultant with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

“I sincerely believe that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party have the right plan to help Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area and I will work hard explaining that to every person I meet between now and election day”, says Sheehan.


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