Stronger Pensions Promised by NDP


NDP candidate Skip Morrison says that Tom Mulcair’s comprehensive plan to ensure Canadians have stronger pensions and secure retirements now and for future generations, is what voters in Sault Ste. Marie are looking for.

“Retirement security is an issue coming up at the door, from seniors and those nearing retirement to young people just entering the workforce,” said Morrison. “People here in the Sault can trust that Tom Mulcair and an NDP government will ensure that the Canada Pension Plan will be there for them when they need it.”

Mulcair has committed to convening a First Ministers’ meetings on Retirement Security in his first six months, with a goal of strengthening the CPP and QPP for the long term. He announced additional measures to provide for secure retirement, including:

· Protecting pension-income splitting for seniors and Registered Retirement Income Fund enhancements
· Setting the Old Age Security eligibility age from 67 to 65
· Protect existing retirees from having their accrued pension benefits reduced by their employer
· Helping to lift 200,000 seniors out of poverty with new funding for the Guaranteed Income Supplement

“Instead of making retirement safer, Stephen Harper is telling employers in the federal sector that it’s okay for them to walk away from pension commitments they have made to their workers and has blocked every attempt to strengthen the CPP – all while raising the retirement age to 67,” said Morrison. “It is time for a Prime Minister who makes a secure retirement and stronger pensions for Canadians a priority – and Tom Mulcair is ready to get the job done.”


  1. it is about time that someone in the government stated that they were willing to help pensioners get a decent amount to live on.i just pray that the ndp can keep there word.thank you for thinking of the little guy.TOM WELLINGTON.

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