There’s so many cool things about Bushplane Days!



Just in case evil-doers are hanging around the Bushplane Centre, Edie Collins-Suriano , the Marketing and Events coordinator at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre can always count on her friend Spiderman to keep them at bay. Luckily only excited kids and Moms and Dads attended Bushplane Days over the weekend. Collins-Suriano estimates about 3,000 people took in the two day family event when Saultonline spoke with her Sunday afternoon.

Viewer submitted photo by JB The MNR Waterbombers are part of the big airshow!
Viewer submitted photo by JB
The MNR Waterbombers are part of the big airshow!


Spiderman of course is a big draw along with Ant Man, Cinderella and Elsa but so was the Science North exhibit with tons of things for the kids like make your own bow and arrow,catapult building, the Van de Graff machine (silver ball that makes your hair stand up) , the plasma ball and other cool things.  The airshow at noon both days draws the eyes to the sky over the St. Mary’s river for MNR Waterbomber demonstrations and rescue operations.


Known as one of the best attractions in Northern Ontario , The Bushplane Heritage Centre offers endless amounts of history , hands-on exhibits, multi-media presentations along with the display of real aircraft, Bushplane Days celebrates the rich history and the important role the bushplane has played locally and around the globe.


Collins-Suriano is one busy gal, she looks after events like this and every single other event under the roof, coming off a busy summer for Weddings (one of many uses the Bushplane Centre offers) Edie is gearing up for a busy fall season heading into the holidays, Oktoberfest is scheduled for October 10, the Tourism Summit in November and the Holiday Craft Sale is growing to two days with mostly new vendors each day.



Check out more of the cool things to do at the Bushplane Centre in the Gallery!





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