#WawaJoy What’s That?


What happens when a national tv show comes to town and features  the people and places that the town is known for?, A lot of excitement that’s what.  Wawa was in the national spotlight Tuesday for an episode of Still Standing , a new show on CBC that visits a different struggling town each week.

Many people from Wawa ended up on the screen including Brenda Grundt, owner and operator of Wawa-News.com.  Wawa-News is a district news partner with SaultOnline.com. We talked to Brenda about the show and how the program went over in the community.

How does it feel to be a national tv star?
Very self-conscious. I’m not used to being in front of the camera, my normal spot is behind the lens photographing others.

when was the show filmed?
It was filmed the week ending July 1st, 2014. They took advantage of the MHS Reunion.

What was the reaction of the residents last night at the showing?
It was great listening to everyone laugh. Nice to go out and have it be fun! The tears in our beers – were from laughing so hard!

4. The show certainly put Wawa in the spotlight and showed the beauty and the quirkiness of the residents, do you think the show portrayed the town in a positive light?
You can’t portray Wawa positively. Wawa has lost so much over the past few years, and the blows continue – ACR, and now the cut to the Greyhound service.

However, what they did is show the spirit. #WawaJoy. The getting up in the middle of the night to see the northern lights with your kids, leaving probably better paying jobs – cause there is more to life than living in a rat race, running into a bear cub (although that is happening in too many places now).

5. How was the process of filming? was it intimidating?
I was really caught off guard. It was really easy, the guys put me at ease. But I wasn’t trying to fit someone else’s idea of what a character should be like — I was myself. I had spent a few hours with Jonny driving him around the town and the area, so when they put us behind the camera, it was easy. The nervousness came after!

In the episode Jonny kisses a transgender moose, meets a third-degree black belt making unusual sculptures and a dynamite expert who blows up beaver dams
About three weeks ago, when it became inevitable – the show was going to screen. I got really anxious. “Just what did I tell Jonny? How bad a job did I do telling the truth about how much Wawa has lost.” Yeah, I’m indeed Wawa’s only 24-hour news team, and the news team is Brenda!

Peter was right, it is a love letter. It showed so much of what we love and treasure about Wawa. They really got down to what is so mysterious about Wawa, it’s heart and spirit. Wawa will survive, Wawa will always be here. A little smaller, no doubt, but still with a huge heart.

If you missed the Tuesday night episode you can view it online at: