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Yesterday, the Honourable Joe Oliver issued the following statement in response to Premier Wynne’s confirmation that Justin Trudeau will nationalize her controversial provincial pension plan and impose a mandatory payroll tax on Canadians:

“We know that Premier Kathleen Wynne is Justin Trudeau’s closest ally and we have seen what her Liberal policies have meant for Ontario: massive tax hikes, out of control spending, business closures, and sky-high hydro prices. Justin promises to pursue Wynne’s policies across the entire country. Today, Premier Wynne confirmed that under Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, a national, mandatory payroll tax will be imposed on all Canadian workers and job creators.

According to Liberal budget documents, each worker earning $60,000 will see $1,000 less in take-home pay. And his or her employer will have to match that payroll tax, thereby killing jobs. That is in addition to tax hikes on families and seniors, a $2 billion EI premium hike on workers, and a minimum $6.5 billion hole that will be filled by yet-to-be-identified tax hikes.

Under Justin, the Liberals would increase spending by a whopping $146 billion while running large, permanent deficits.

Just like Kathleen Wynne in the last provincial election, Justin isn’t coming clean with Canadians on the cost of his payroll tax. As Prime Minister Harper said today, ‘you make it, they take it and spend it.’

In a Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey of Canadian small business owners, 67% said mandatory increases in payroll taxes would increase pressure to freeze or cut salaries and 35% said they’d need to lay off staff. Similarly, a survey of Ontario Chamber of Commerce members found that 44% of members would need to reduce payroll or hire fewer employees in response to the Trudeau-Wynne payroll tax hike. The CFIB analysis of the Liberal payroll tax hike plan found it would kill 42,000 jobs by 2020. Applied Canada-wide, this plan would kill over 100,000 jobs.”


  1. It should be obvious to Ontario citizens what the Liberal Party will do…. after all what is Kathleen Wynne (liberal) and look what has happened in On….promises definitely weren’t kept…. money just keeps being spent…. and when it comes to the On Pension Plan…. that will just give them more money to play with and eventually say …. not enough left to pay OPP….think about it citizens of ON…..

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