Cabbies lend their service to combat Graffiti


Sault Ste. Marie Police and the community at large will have several pairs of eyes on the look out for tagging and graffiti thanks to a new partnership with the city’s cab companies.

“It’s one of our on-going priorities of graffiti specifically in the downtown core” Police Chief Robert Keetch  told media Thursday morning.

All the local cab companies are part of this new initiative
All the local cab companies are part of this new initiative

The new partnership will involve all taxi companies and their drivers looking for suspicious activity surrounding tagging and graffiti – a huge problem in every neighbourhood in the city.

The new partnership allows police to crack down on the vandalism to homes, businesses and almost any other surfaces that gives the wanna-be artists a canvas.”I would like to think that we have a great working relationship with the cab companies and appreciate their offer”  Chief Keetch added.

The three local cab companies Union Cab, Yellow Cab and Cruz Cab to help identify the individuals involved in graffiti across the city.

With over 50 taxis operating in the city 24 hours a day the roving eyes of the drivers will increase presence on the streets. This will assist the police in deterring and identify suspects in the mischief of buildings and property.

This initiative could not happen without the support from civic minded cab companies and the many cab drivers working day and night in our community.