Cars dissected in the name of science

(LSSU/John Shibley)

Andrea Brown of the Dafter, Mich., fire department uses a diamond-tipped rescue saw to cut through a hood during vehicle extraction exercises at Lake Superior State University on Oct. 17 in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

LSSU students joined firefighters from throughout the Eastern Upper Peninsula for a recertification workshop required by the state of Michigan every two years. Sault, Mich., firefighter and adjunct fire science instructor Nick Vaught oversaw classroom instruction and the precision smashing, cutting, wedging, and prying apart of two donated sedans and a 1993 Jeep Cherokee.

Cutter Andrea Brown plans to enroll in LSSU’s fire science program this fall. Run a Web search on “discover LSSU” to customize a college degree at Lake State.