Changing colours, Will The Sault Turn Liberal Red?


In the forth interview of the candidates in the upcoming election, we have Terry Sheehan of the Liberal Party. He speaks of the differences between the Liberals, NDP, and the Conservatives. He also discusses the issue of the missing and murdered aboriginal women, the need to take care of the middle class and the poor, and the high unemployment rate that we have in the Sault.


  1. Folks,think about it before you cast your vote. Seriously,Can you possibly imagine wynne and justin in charge of this province and this country. They’re both living in an imaginary world and the loser will be the hard working, taxpayers. justin and wynne both have no problems with putting us more in debt. wynne and justin think it’s a great idea.They’re both arrogant and they’re both full of themselves. Come on people; either of the other two federal leaders is at least living in the adult world. Think about it before it’s to olate.

    A retired middle class canadian taxpayer.

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