Closing Remarks..


Sault and Area,

Throughout the latter half of the summer and on into autumn it has been a very rewarding experience to have met so many people across the riding of Sault Ste. Marie. Whether they were a strong supporter, or someone who let me bend their ear, the conversations I had with them not only informed me, but reinforced what I knew.

The people in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area are a great people, a hardworking people and people who care dearly about the ones closest to them. What is evident is that people want opportunity for themselves and the ones they love. I am proud to say that I am running for a party, led by a leader in Justin Trudeau, who is ready to work hard to make sure everyone has a fair shot. For three years he has been crossing the country listening to Canadians. What he heard and what has shaped our platform is that people were struggling and that job opportunities, meaningful ones, were getting harder to come by. He also heard that post-secondary graduates were graduating with crippling levels of student debt and that our middle class, and those striving to join it needed a break.

So, informed by all these things and many more he and the Liberal Party devised a plan and a platform to address these concerns. Our plan will put more money in the pockets of everyone except the top one percent, it makes it easier for people graduating from college and university and makes it a bit easier for those who are aspiring to go to post-secondary school. It is investing money to build roads, bridges and highways along with affordable housing. Our plan will help get Canadians back to work sooner rather than later, which will in turn help grow our economy. It will also protect our seniors, by protecting pension income splitting, and returning OAS and GIS back to age 65.

Mr. Trudeau, visited Sault Ste. Marie during this campaign and told us that the Sault matters, that Northern Ontario matters. He has a plan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars that will help us continue to grow as the Alternative Energy Capital of North America all while helping us create the jobs of the future. The Liberal plan to invest in infrastructure could be a great opportunity for businesses here in the Sault, and I will work diligently to make that materialize.

I am also proud to know that a Liberal government is prepared to a renewed relationship with Canada’s
First Nations People and develop this relationship on a nation to nation basis. We will also implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report and have an inquiry into the missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

Tomorrow, let’s bring all of our voices back to Ottawa. I ask for your vote, vote Terry Sheehan.




  1. I have grown weary of all the bleating about the “top one percent.” You realize Justin IS part of the 1%, right? And this suggestion that hiting this mythical goup in the wallet will solve all the problems the other 99% have been facing is laughable.

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