Council To Decide on Vacant Ward 2 Seat


The seat hasn’t been officially vacated yet, but soon will be. Then council must decide how to deal with filling the vacancy in Ward 2.

Terry Sheehan who will become the Sault’s next MP after winning the election Monday night, will leave a hole in council that must be filled. But how?

City Clerk Malcolm White told that The Municipal Act provides for vacant seats to be filled by appointment or by holding a by-election. ” I will be reporting to Council at a future meeting on the details associated with the processes”

Sheehan was re-elected  last fall as councillor for Ward 2, a position he has held  since 2003.

Sheehan defeated Conservative Bryan Hayes  with 19,640 votes  to 13,615 for Hayes.

Final decision on how the Ward 2 seat will be filled falls squarely on council’s shoulders. has learned of at least two people interested in running for the seat if a by-election is called.

In the last municipal election,  John Duke , Michael Selvers along with incumbent Susan Myers ran for the two seats in the ward.

Two candidates from other ward races who were not successful has expressed some interest in running in the ward, namely David Poluck who ran in Ward 3 and Andy Martens who ran in Ward 1.