Good people go to jail too

Great Algoma Lock Up
The Great Algoma Lock-Up in 2015 at the Station Mall

You may have run into a few of your friends in jail today and if not, you may see them in jail all weekend long.

Crime Stoppers of Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District, together with the Sault Insurance Brokers Association and the Station Mall  teamed up for the Great Algoma Lock Up

The Great Algoma Lock Up is aimed at generating involvement and participation  for a fun event with proceeds going directly to the Crime Stoppers program locally.

A “criminal” in jail trying to get out by getting friends to pledge

With a donation citizens can arrange for a person within their business, or a member of another business, to be “arrested” on humorous charges relative to the individuals personality traits, mannerisms, or reputation within the organization.

Pledges of $100 or more: the selected individual will be “arrested” by Crime Stoppers personnel and were taken to their “holding cell” at Station Mall in the Sears Court where they are be charged and put on trial before a “judge”.

Here come the Judge(s)
Here come the Judge(s)

Pledges of $250 or more: Crime Stoppers  called for actual Sault Ste. Marie Police Officers to arrive at the chosen location to arrest the “defendant”, complete with uniforms, guns, handcuffs, patrol lights flashing, and sirens sounding! The event is running for three days, starting today and running through to Saturday afternoon.

OPP officer Monique Baker tells that the event is targeted to reach about $15,000