Harper Lands Biggest Trade Deal in History: Hayes


Sault MP, Bryan Hayes issued the following statement today regarding the tentative deal on a massive Pacific Rim trading bloc billed as the largest-ever deal of its kind

“Today is a big win for our steel producers and dairy farmers here in Sault Ste. Marie. Not only did Stephen Harper secure a reduction in tariffs for our major producers and secured concessions for our dairy farmers, but he also negotiated a deal that has opened new economic markets representing hundreds of millions of new customers for Canadian exporters
If the NDP and Liberals had their way, Canada would have been excluded from a deal that includes almost 40% of the world’s economies. Furthermore, they would have compromised any opportunity for Canada to modernize our ability to fight and win cases where steel dumping is suspected.

Trade Agreements and the Trade Remedy System go hand in hand. Without Trade Agreements, there can be no Trade Remedy system.

I’m proud that Minister Fast, Canada’s International Trade Minister, spoke directly with our steel producers to recommit to modernizing our trade remedy system as identified in Economic Action Plan 2015 and supported by the Steel Producers Association of Canada, of which both Essar and Tenaris are members.

This is a great example of the Conservative approach, where we consult first and then develop a policy, compared to the NDP and Liberal approach of developing policies that actually hurt our resource economy here in Sault Ste. Marie.

This is a fantastic illustration of the choice for Canadians on October 19th. The choice is between a Government who has built Canada’s reputation on the world stage so strong that we can fight for and win major concessions from much larger economies. On the other hand voters have the protectionist policies of the NDP and Liberals, both of whom would have walked away from Canada’s seat at the table, leaving our steel producers and overall economy at a competitive disadvantage with almost half the world’s economies.
On October 19th, I’m asking for your support. Vote Bryan Hayes.“


  1. The timing of this deal really makes me wonder how much of Canada Harper gave up to have this happen while the election is on.. The whole deal smacks of unfair politics, but then again, Harper has always stacked the deck in his favor.. If we get stuck with 4 more years of Harpertics, we are all gonna hurt.. Who is gonna pay for this 4 BILLION in subsidies to farmers that lose in this deal ?? Also, are they gonna be allowed to sell off shore if they are subsidized too heavily ?
    The whole point of this deal is to level the playing field, not pay massive subsidies to those that won’t be able to compete because of it…

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