HS Girls Invited To University Soccer Showcase Tournament


The SUFA Soccer Program is pleased to announce that we have four high school players that have been selected to attend a major “Showcase” tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Amanda DuBois
Amanda DuBois

Amanda DuBois, Brianna Scarfone, Bailie Malmloff and Connor Tait have been invited to participate in the Grand Rapids Showcase Tournament on November 7/8th. They will be placed on teams run by the Alliance Academy of Michigan.

Showcase tournaments are set up for college and university coaches and scouts to attend. These operate in both Canada and the U.S. If any high school aged player wishes to seek the opportunity to play at post secondary and may be looking for that scholarship offer, these tournaments are the places to be. While only senior high school players (grade 11/12) can be approached regarding scholarships, younger ages (U15/16) can attend the younger competitions where they are scouted and put on the radar for future contact. By attending these tournaments for a few years, players will be scouted and noted on their progress. There is no better way to make those soccer teams at college or university.

Two years ago, The SUFA Soccer Academy sent a Girl’s team to Ottawa for the West Ottawa Showcase tournament, where a large number of Canadian and U.S. Universities attended. Three girls were offered and accepted scholarships at the end of that tournament! Two other girls (Amanda DuBois and Hannah Webb) were too young to be approached but are attending this year, along with a number of other players. Parents and high school players can click on the links for more information about the tournaments and the colleges and Universities that will be attending. The lists are impressive.


Deandra Franzisi will be coaching the group that will be going to Ottawa this year on December 5th. Any girls that would be interested in playing in the Ottawa tournament, should contact SUFA at; [email protected] or by calling (705-297-5353). The deadline for players for Ottawa, is October 14th.

SUFA also has a boys team that will be competing in 2016 in the high school age groups. Any boys interested should also contact SUFA. The indoor training program begins on October 18th for all ages and genders. The Grass Roots program goes from 3 years to 11 years of age. There are also programs from U13-18. Interested parties can check out the web site at www.saultunitedfc.net.