Junior Colts Slip by SteelHawks

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com

The Korah Senior Girls continued their unbeaten streak with their win over Superior Heights while the Korah Junior Girls slipped by the SteelHawks. St. Mary’s Knights took down White Pines in both the Junior and Senior games.

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com
Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com

The Junior Colts slipped by the SteelHawks by one point with the final score of 27 to 26. After the half time break Superior Heights dominated the court out scoring Korah by 5 points, but the fourth quarter would be the most important part of the game as the Colts and Superior Heights traded baskets until Korah was awarded a few foul shots. With only a few seconds left the SteelHawks couldn’t find the net to take win.

Korah Scorers:
Grace Koski – 6
Taylor Elliot – 5
Skylar Toms – 4
Leah Ritallo – 4
Kaylan Kohvakko – 4
Hayley Revillard – 4

Superior Heights Scorers:
Annie Damignani – 9
Alicia Wellings – 8
Brianna Bruni – 4
Sarah McLeod – 2
Ally Buchan – 2
Shyanne Jones – 2

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com
Rod Aubertin:

In Senior action the Colts held off the SteelHawks by a score of 54 to 38. Korah led at the end of the first half by 7 points with Korah having 25 and Superior Heights with 18.

Korah out scored the SteelHawks by 12 points in the third quarter, but Superior Heights picked up a few points on the Colts 10 to 7 in the fourth quarter.

Korah Scorers:
Tori Ivey – 16
Marian Disano – 2
Averi Bodnar – 12
Lana Hryniewicz – 12
Carina Hargis – 5
Cam Minell – 4
Shea Gioia – 3

Superior Heights Scorers:
Maggie Kirk – 11
Kassy Jones – 8
Carly Richards – 8
Kiara Hamilton – 4
Blair Headrick – 2
Rebekah Trudel – 2
Julia Bellerose – 1

In other action St. Mary’s Knights Juniors took down the White Pines Wolverines 47 to 11. No scorers were available for this game.

Hannah Soares would pick up 11 points while Alicia Gibbs would net 5 points for St. Mary’s Senior Girls in their win of 26 to 12 over White Pines. Darby Sewell would score 4 and Riley Crockford had 3 points for the Wolverines.