Liberals highlight plan to grow the middle class


A Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau will grow the economy and deliver real change for Canadians, including a tax cut for the middle class, and a new, tax-free monthly child benefit to help parents with the high costs of raising their kids, said John McCallum, Liberal candidate for Markham Thornhill, Thursday.

“After a decade of Stephen Harper, people are working longer and harder to make ends meet. Harper has denied that Canada was in a recession this year, proof of just how out-of-touch the Conservatives have become,” said Mr. McCallum. “The middle class families here in Sault Ste. Marie need real change. They need money in their pockets to save, invest, and grow the economy, both locally and on a national scale. Liberals have a plan to make a positive difference in the lives of all Canadians.”

A Liberal government will lower taxes for Canadians on incomes between $44,700 and $89,401 per year from 22 percent to 20.5 percent. We will ask the wealthiest one percent to pay a little more, so the middle class can pay less. A Liberal government will also create the Canada Child Benefit: one bigger, fair, tax-free, automatic monthly child benefit that puts more money back in the pockets of Canadian families who need it most. In fact, nine out of ten families will get more from the Liberal plan than under Harper’s unfair system, and it will lift 315,000 children out of poverty.

“Families in our community and across Canada are struggling. Stephen Harper’s latest plan doesn’t ask the wealthiest one percent to pay their fair share and fails to do anything for middle class Canadians and all those working hard to join them. The NDP is not offering any answers on the economy, and instead supports Harper’s failed plan,” said Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, Terry Sheehan. “Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team have a plan to deliver real change for the middle class now, and ensure everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed.”


  1. The truth about The Liberals and Terry Sheehan.The Liberals for families will cancel income splitting.They will cancel the Baby Bonus, child care cheques that is no more monthly check for the kids.That is $1,920 for child under six and $720 for a child between 6 and 17 total cost of $2,640 Totla tax increase 0f $ 4,028Hike EI premiums.Roll back tax free savings acount limits. New taxes on professionals and small business
    It does not end there,cancel income splitting for seniors over 65.costing seniors over $4086 a year pushing seniors more into poverty.the Liberals want to bring 50,000 Muslim refugees into Canada an pay them with your tax dollars.While seniors veterans and our Children and disable lose their benefits.
    The Liberals want to cut military spending Stop fighting radical Islam ISIS so they can win the Muslim vote.They want to restore relation with Iran.Voting Liberal is just nuts,remember they promised to cancel the GST and then did not it came from theLiberal Red book of lies.

  2. “A Liberal government will lower taxes for Canadians on incomes between $44,700 and $89,401 per year from 22 percent to 20.5 percent. ”

    Median total income for males51 33,510 33,667 33,140
    Median total income for females52 16,176 17,119 19,604
    Median earnings for males working full year, full time53 52,762 52,483 52,618
    Median earnings for females working full year, full time54 36,669 33,702 36,084
    % of persons in low income before tax55 19.4 16.5 13.9

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