Millions for Alexander Henry High School Retrofit


The Algoma District School Board picked up millions of dollars today from the Provincial government to overhaul the Former Alexander Henry High School.

The Ontario government is investing $6.7 million for a capital school improvement project within the Algoma District School Board (ADSB), David Orazietti MPP announced .

david-orazietti“Our government continues to support local students with significant investments ‎in better schools to support better learning outcomes for students,” said Orazietti.‎ “ This is an important step in moving the capital plan of the Algoma District School Board forward, but more importantly, it represents an enhanced learning environment to support students and their families.”

The provincial investment of $6,761,618 will support the retrofit of the former site of the Alexander Henry High School for elementary K – 8 students.

“We are so fortunate that the Ontario Government and MPP David Orazietti remain committed to student achievement, quality learning spaces and to maintaining Ontario as one of the best education systems in the world.  Our Board of Trustees and Senior Administration are equally committed and we are proud of our work to ensure our capital plan reflects fiscal responsibility, quality programs and an unwavering commitment to student achievement,” said Lucia Reece, Director of Education, Algoma District School Board. “Today’s funding to support the retrofit of Alexander Henry High School is an example of effective use of existing space that will help us address enrolment pressures, provide quality programs and enhance partnerships for years to come.”

Board Chair Jennifer Sarlo is excited about the new  use for an old high school
Board Chair Jennifer Sarlo is excited about the new use for an old high school

Since 2003, the provincial government has increased ADSB per pupil funding by $5,690, an increase of 66 per cent, for a total of $14,324 per student. Additionally, the province has made numerous improvements to the funding formula since 2003, created new programs to support students and made it possible to protect 80 local teaching positions and 51 early childhood educator positions that would have been eliminated with declining enrollment.

Giving students the best possible learning environment is part of the government’s plan for Ontario.  The four-part plan is building Ontario up by investing in people’s talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history, creating a dynamic innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure savings plan.

The school board has not made a decision on whether the school will be rebranded with a new name or keep with the Alexander Henry name.

Since 2003, the Ontario government has invested nearly $90 million in new schools and school infrastructure projects at the ADSB some of which include:


$47 million for new Superior Heights Secondary School
$15.5 million for new Francis H. Clergue Elementary School
$7.1 million capital funding to support implementation of Full-Day Kindergarten Program
$6.7 million for Alexander Henry High School retrofit for K-8 students
$5.25 million for Central Algoma Secondary School JK-6 addition
$4.5 million for energy efficiency projects at ADSB schools
$630,000 for expansion of East View Public School


  1. I like how the community is going to use an existing building. I don’t exactly understand how throwing money at buikdings is improving the education. I see students graduating but they are less educated now, than students were years ago. You can build all the fancy schools; spend all the money you want, but in reality you are not improving education.
    Oh and side not. Paying the teachers union $1M, not sure how that benefited education. Just simply another waste of taxpayer money

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