Morrison: More Job Losses on Conservative watch

Mike DaPrat, President of USW Local 2251 congratulates NDP Candidate Skip Morrison for winning the union's endorsement in a vote held Wednesday.

In the final days of the Conservative government, the unemployment situation in Sault Ste. Marie is going from bad to worse.

“Our community is facing a jobs crisis. With more than 4000 people already out of work, further layoffs at Essar Steel Algoma are very disturbing,” said NDP candidate Skip Morrison. “Bryan Hayes has been completely missing in action as the Conservatives have done nothing to support jobs in our community. Only the NDP has a jobs plan for northern Ontario.”

Morrison, who works at Essar Steel, said that fighting for good jobs is his top priority.

“We must protect the good jobs we have by reinvesting in manufacturing and key industries,” said Morrison, “We know the workforce at Essar Steel won’t go back to where it was 30 years ago, so we need to work to continue to diversify our economy and create good jobs across multiple sectors.”

New Democrats are the only party with a real plan for Northern Ontario, with a commitment to strengthening the economy in Sault Ste. Marie and across the North.

The plan includes:
· Manufacturing jobs in Northern Ontario with investments to innovation and R&D.
· Increased investment in infrastructure for Sault Ste Marie and across Canada.
· Lowering small business taxes and cracking down on unfair credit card merchant fees.
· Youth job creation and apprenticeships to stem the tide of young people leaving the Sault.
· Boosting strategic industries across Northern Ontario, including forestry and mining.
· Maintaining public service jobs here in the Sault, and avoiding $6.5B in planned Liberal cuts.

“Right now every job is important in the Sault. Our community cannot afford the Liberal plan to continue with Conservative cuts by slashing $6.5 billion over the next four years,” said Morrison. “Only the NDP can defeat the Conservatives and deliver a jobs plan for Northern Ontario. We will work to protect good manufacturing jobs, and create new jobs in a stronger, diversified economy.”