NDP best to improve health care in Northern Ontario: Morrison


NDP candidate Skip Morrison praised the model of the Sault Ste. Marie Group Health Centre at a campaign stop with three days to go in the federal election.

“Health care remains a top issue here in the Sault and across the country. Only the NDP has made a bold commitment to reinvest in our public system. Across Canada we will help build 200 new clinics like Sault Ste Marie’s innovative Group Health Centre.”

Morrison said Northern Ontario voters are particularly concerned about health care, calling the region “chronically underserved.” He highlighted the ways in which the NDP’s plan will improve health care delivery and access in the North.

“New Democrats will bring tangible benefits to families here in Sault Ste. Marie and across Northern Ontario,” said Morrison. “These benefits include improved access to doctors and other health care professionals, thanks to investment in 7,000 more doctors. Further, the NDP pharmacare plan will lead to an average 30% reduction in the cost of prescription medication for Northern Ontarians.”

Morrison also described the NDP’s specific plans for seniors care, which was a primary topic in Thursday’s Seniors Debate.

“Tom Mulcair is ready to take on the challenge of caring for our aging population,” continued Morrison. “The NDP will expand home care to over 41,000 more seniors and help provinces build 5,000 more nursing home beds. In addition, the NDP will improve access to palliative and end-of-life care, resources and support, as well as introduce a National Dementia Strategy.”

The NDP health care plan will also:

• Create a youth mental health innovation fund to reduce wait times and improve access to care.
• Triple the paid leave available for Canadians who are too ill to work.
• Support caregivers by expanding the compassionate care benefit so people can take up to six months paid leave to care for seriously ill loved ones.

New Democrats have been critical of recent health care cuts across the North. Stephen Harper’s cuts coupled to Kathleen Wynne’s privatization of healthcare have led to hundreds of layoffs at Northern Ontario hospitals

“People in the North still cannot get access to care when they need it. The NDP is the only party committed to investing here, not just in the big centers down south. We have put our commitment to Northern Ontario on paper, the Liberals forgot to mention our region even once.” concluded Morrison.