NDP Will end gas gouging: Morrison


Over the last few years oil prices have reached record lows, yet gas prices remain high. Today’s national platform announcement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair commits to fighting back at the pumps by promising a national gas ombudsman and strengthening the power of the Competition Bureau.

“For years, the NDP has been fighting for the rights of consumers, while the Conservatives were asleep at the wheel,” said Skip Morrison, NDP Candidate in Sault Ste. Marie. “Today’s announcement is a clear commitment to crack down gas price-fixing.”

Under Stephen Harper, oil and gas companies have not been held accountable. Conservatives’ introduced their own law in 2011 meant to curtail price gouging – yet the government has yet to hand out a single penalty under this new legislation.

The NDP platform commits to:

“Creating a Gasoline Ombudsperson to investigate complaints about practices in the gasoline market, while strengthening the power of the Competition Bureau to proactively investigate allegations of anti-competitive activity in the gasoline market.” – NDP Platform: Building the country of our dreams, page 8

“Conservatives have provided oil and gas companies with generous subsidies and tax breaks while consumers got gouged,” said Morrison. “Canadians deserve better than a government that stands idly by while they get hosed at the gas pump.”


    • Pretty presumptuous of you, to assume the NDP won’t be elected. The conservatives were previously supported by Alberta, but that has changed a lot in the last year.

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