NDP’s ‘Voter Protection Act’ will protect Canadian’s votes from partisan interference

ballot box

OTTAWA — Tom Mulcair’s NDP will crack down on the illegal voter suppression tactics the Conservatives are infamous for by introducing the Voter Protection Act.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been caught cheating in every election they have won. From the ‘in and out’ scandal in 2006, to Stephen Harper ethics spokesperson Dean Del Mastro’s overspend in the 2008 election, and the infamous 2011 robo-call voter suppression scandal that saw then Conservative operative Michael Sona convicted of election fraud, Canadians have had enough.

“Tom Mulcair and the NDP will protect the hard-fought democratic rights of all Canadians,” said NDP candidate Peter Julian (New Westminster – Burnaby). “We will tackle voter suppression with new powers for Elections Canada and serious penalties for political operatives who interfere with a citizens’ right to vote.”


The Voter Protection Act will:

  • Elections Canada’s the ability to investigate and crackdown on electoral fraud.
  • Establish stronger penalties for operatives who attempt to deny or deny Canadians their right to vote.
  • Repeal Conservative voting rules that have put the right to vote at risk for First Nations, students, seniors, those without a fixed address and others.

“Stephen Harper’s changes to the Elections Act were designed to make it harder to vote and easier for Conservatives to cheat,” continued Julian. “The NDP’s new law will reverse these damaging changes and crack down on Conservative cheating. No right is more fundamental than the right to vote, and a Tom Mulcair NDP government will protect this right.”