Police admit killing dog they thought was a coyote


COLLINGWOOD, Ont. – Police have admitted killing a dog they thought was a coyote, an incident that was captured on camera and appears to show an officer running over the animal three times with the patrol car.

Ontario Provincial Police say they’ve launched an investigation to find out what exactly happened.

They say they were called out for reports of a coyote in a residential area in Collingwood, Ont., Monday night.

Local resident Sarah Leggett posted the video on her Facebook page.

She said she “couldn’t believe” what she saw.

Police initially said the animal could possibly be rabid, but now say they’ve contacted the owner of the dog.

Police say they are committed to the humane destruction of wildlife that is a threat to public safety.

They wouldn’t say whether the officer in question has been reprimanded or if police apologized to the dog owner.