Sault Property tax one of the highest: Orazietti


A few years back the CAO, then Joe Fratesi told the community at budget time that the Sault is one of the lowest for property taxes in Northern Ontario. Sault MPP David Orazietti begs to differ. In a release Tuesday, Orazietti points out that the Sault is the one of highest when it comes to your property taxes.

In a comparison chart, including cities such as North Bay, Sudbury , Oakville and Barrie to name a few, Sault Ste. Marie makes it to the top of the list.  In the chart the municipal residential property tax rate is pegged at 1.415% compared to Mississauga  (a city, some 20 times larger than the Sault) enjoys a residential property tax rate of 0.695% while Sudbury comes in at 1.205%. Oakville came in the lowest according to the chart with just 0.655%.

While many communities in Ontario receive no property tax subsidy or a lower subsidy, Sault residents continue to receive significant funding from the province per household but still have one of the highest property tax rates in Ontario, Orazietti said in the release compiled by the Ministry of Finance. For Sault Ste. Marie the average subsidy paid to the city is $471 per household.

Mayor Christian Provenzano acknowledged the release with a comment to,“This Council is very mindful of controlling its spending, finding savings and encouraging efficiencies to minimize the tax burden. We are not yet one year old but I think our efforts to date indicate, very clearly, that we are sensitive to the tax burden and moving in the right direction.”

Mayor and council may have their work cut out for them. With a dwindling population base and an aging population, council may have to sharpen their budget pencils to lower the average residential property tax .

Going back to the chart, looking at hard numbers, taxes on a $100,000 MPAC assessed property will cost you $1,415 annually compared to Sudbury at $1,205 while a city like Mississauga is just $695. Keep in mind homes in southern Ontario cost substantially more than similar homes in the north.

Here’s the chart issued today from MPP David Orazietti


Municipalities Municipal Residential Property Tax Rate $100,000 MPAC Assessed Property $200,000 MPAC Assessed Property
Taxes on $100,000 MPAC Assessed Property $ Difference from Sault Ste. Marie % Difference from Sault Ste. Marie Taxes on $200,000 MPAC Assessed Property $ Difference from Sault Ste. Marie % Difference from Sault Ste. Marie
Oakville 0.655% $655 -$760 -53.71% $1310 -$1520 -53.71%
Mississauga 0.695% $695 -$725 -50.88% $1390 -$1450 -50.88%
Barrie 1.130% $1,130 -$285 -20.14% $2260 -$570 -20.14%
Kingston 1.210% $1,210 -$205 -14.49% $2420 -$410 -14.49%
Peterborough 1.235% $1,235 -$180 -12.72% $2470 -$360 -12.72%
Sudbury 1.205% $1,205 -$210 -14.84% $2410 -$420 -14.84%
North Bay 1.295% $1,295 -$120 -8.48% $2590 -$240 -8.48%
Sault Ste. Marie 1.415% $1,415     $2830    


  1. I have been saying this for years we pay the highest property taxes .That is why I will be running in Ward 2 election. To get our property to taxes down.

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