Seniors Calling. The Tuck Shop & Auxiliary Volunteers, F.J. Davey Home


20151028_131737Past President of the F.J. Davey Home Auxiliary, Dora Cook was welcoming a steady stream of volunteers arriving for an appreciation luncheon at Bucci’s Verdi Hall, October 28th,2015. As a way to share a collective thankyou, the F.J. Davey Home held a luncheon to honour the dedicated service of the F.J. Davey Home Auxiliary members and the Tuck Shop volunteers, who faithfully attend a scheduled day in the rotation, all year long. Dora has been part of the tuck shop brigade, and Auxiliary since 1993.

20151028_124201Comprised of members from 22 local faith communities, and service clubs, including Kiwanis Lakeshore, Women of the Marconi, and Retired Teachers, the Tuck Shop is 100% operated by volunteers.

20151028_123740IMG_1441Anita McPhail, Director of Resident and Volunteer Activities, shared “The tuck shop is open every day from 2-4 pm. Mondays, the Auxiliary members, of which there are 25, run the shop, Tuesday – Saturday is a rotated schedule supported by our church groups or a service club. Every Sunday, Kiwanis Lakeshore has been volunteering at the tuck shop for over 30 years. The volunteers began the tuck shop in the old Davey Home. When we moved over to the building we are now in (733 3rd Line E.) about 11 years ago, we wanted very much for the tuck shop to continue as part of the activities we could offer residents and their families.”
The shop offers a wide range of snacks, and beverages, ice cream, as well as gift ware and sundries. Some of the gifts in the tuck shop are hand made by volunteers, who donate the items to the auxiliary. “There is no way for the tuck shop to operate on a day to day basis without the generous support of our amazing volunteers.” said Anita McPhail.

IMG_0404One of the gals that has been creating handmade socks, towels, washcloths and more is Elva Walker. Elva has been a regular volunteer for many years, and she is known far and wide for her creative baskets. “Recently, the autumn themed basket that she put together brought in $400.00 for the work of the Auxiliary. Tickets were sold over a period of time at $1.00 each or 3 tickets for $2.00” said Dora Cook. “Elva’s baskets are very popular.”

Gwen Siddall, F.J.Davey Home Auxiliary President said “All of Elva’s contributions are impressive. At 87 yrs., Elva continues to inspire us with items that she has crafted herself.” adding “Having so many volunteers come out on such a rainy day was wonderful. The food and the fellowship was great.”

IMG_1440The F.J. Davey Home Auxiliary & the Tuck Shop troupe are a dynamic group of people. They certainly deserve recognition for being a constant presence in a community where elderly residents live, and where they, their family and friends, can all depend on finding a smile and a favourite snack, or treasured gift. Each of the volunteers received a carnation, the gratitude of the staff & management from F.J. Davey Home and a lovely lunch at Bucci’s Verdi. Way to go everyone!

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself, in the service of others.” Ghandi
(excerpt from website) ‘The F.J. Davey Home is very fortunate to have an active, dedicated Auxiliary. The group’s objectives are to assist administration and staff in providing for quality care of the residents and to assist in the provision of activities for the residents. To achieve these objectives the Auxiliary has undertaken the following projects:
Operating the Tuck Shop for the convenience of residents and visitors;
Acknowledging each birthday with a card and/or personal visit;
Assisting at various functions throughout the year; and
Maintaining the Memorial Board.

20151028_123124IMG_1438Many generous contributions have been made towards:
Purchase of the F.J. Davey Home bus;
Comfort of the three Palliative Care Suites;
Purchasing equipment to assist residents in their daily living; and
The Resident’s Council Walkway to Health.’

The following list represents the church or organization in the volunteer tuck shop rotation…
Central United, Christ Church, Community of Christ, Elim Tabernacle, First Baptist, Holy Family Parish Roman Catholic(RC), Holy Trinity Anglican, John Wesley United (formerly), Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore, Our Lady of Good Counsel (RC), Retired Teachers, St. Andrews United, St. Gregory’s (RC), St.Jerome’s (RC) St. John’s Anglican, St. Luke’s Anglican, St. Peter’s Anglican, St. Veronica’s (RC), United Baptist, Victoria Presbyterian, Westminster Presbyterian, Women of the Marconi, Willowgrove United.