Sky Art!


This really is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The Sault and area have enjoyed a prolonged colour season and it looks like that will last for a few more weeks. The beauty just isn’t on the trees though, at this time of year we’re also graced with a lot of sky art. Whether it be rainbows or cloud formations, just looking up at any given time will give you an eyeful.

cloudsA lot of different cloud types are noticed at this time of year – each cloud type of course tells a story of the weather at the moment. There’s low clouds, like fog or medium height clouds to towering clouds – often bringing rain or snow showers.

couds-1Speaking of snow showers, as first told you last weekend, the first flakes are falling today and over the weekend.

Temperatures play a big part of what type of precipitation we actually see and the good news is the temperature will stay above freezing so we can expect mainly light rain showers with some heavier periods here and there. Areas more north could see a little more snow than the south but no major accumulation  is expected.


Morning sun and beautiful colour...
Morning sun and beautiful colour…
Moments later, a brief snow shower!
Moments later, a brief snow shower!


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