Things are changing around here!


Welcome to the new format, the result of all the great comments, suggestions and requests we’ve received over the past year! Our team has been working feverishly to complete the renovations, taking great care to fit as many in as possible.

We’re proud to bring you our new slick look, with an emphasis on visuals to give you a better snap shot of what’s going on in and around our great community at a glance. Featured stories are now displayed prominently in a four panel photo grid at the top of the homepage, rather than the previous slider format. The latest local content is just below, also laid out in a new photo grid format for easy viewing without having to scroll a considerable distance down the page. The best part, there is also a new dynamic menu feature which allows you to quickly filter this latest content by interest (category) without having to leave the page!

The Community Events Calendar is next, accompanied by a new viewer opinion poll which we plan to update as often as possible. And lastly, a hand picked selection of National News stories from our partner The Canadian Press that our content team feels may be of interest.

We know that sudden changes such as this new format may not be so easy to digest for some, but we’re quite confident that most people will enjoy the new user friendly experience. Our team has put forth a significant effort designing our new layout with navigation and features designed to make it easier for you to find the content you’re most interested in.

We still have some work to do as we put the finishing touches on here and there. Some older content may have photos or videos which somehow ended up misplaced as we transferred data from the old site to the new. Please don’t hesitate to bring any bugs encountered or content which just doesn’t seem right to our attention.

Popular features like the Jobshop, a great resource for job and volunteer opportunities, as well as all your other favorites like games, bridge crossing info, gas prices and flyers are still available from the main menu. We are also expanding the local video content in the coming months.

The Sault’s own tv soap opera TAMI will be returning for a fourth season early in the new year. Watch for more of the new and quite popular series, Another View of the Sault, as well as a new local independently produced cooking show, The Social Media Cook!

Today also marks the change to our logo. When first launched, it was primarily focused on Community Events and Good News Stories. Our logo reflected that with the iconic symbol of the Waterfront Pavilion, a popular venue for events. In May of 2013 we welcomed Craig Huckerby to the team, expanding the site to include local news coverage.

SaultOnline has since become the Sault’s fastest growing media sources. Our new logo features another iconic local symbol, the International Bridge. We feel it better reflects our newly defined focus, a “bridge” to pass along the latest community news, feel-good stories and event coverage. We are blessed with an immense and diverse pool of talent and culture which deserves as much exposure as we can offer up.

SaultOnline is all about our great Community and sharing. We love to share your stories, your events, your photos, your videos and just about anything else you can muster up! Whether it’s locally or to the farthest reaches of the globe. It’s as easy as sending an email to [email protected] or clicking on the “Contribute” link found at the top of the page.

We’re just getting started, there’s still a more fun stuff on the road map and we can’t wait to roll it out! In the meantime, enjoy your new – with easier navigation, new features and of course visual impact. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do!

Thanks for making part of your day.