Turn the attention of Election Campaign to abortion says Group


In Canada there are 100,000 abortions performed every year. Are we a third world country? Are we a country where killing of unborn babies is condoned? Are babies not human? These are questions that a group visiting the Sault ask themselves and the answers to them are simple, No.

In 1966, Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal government passed a law permitting abortions if three doctors agreed that by having the baby, it would endanger the life of the mother. Twenty years later, Dr. Morgentaler took the issue to court and won, meaning that abortion was made legal.

On Tuesday, October 6, lifeTOUR was in Sault Ste Marie, ON on a cross-country tour with a goal of raising the profile of pre-born human rights.

“Pre-born human rights are completely neglected by Canadian law. This puts our democracy in the company of only North Korea and China,” said Mike Schouten, director of WeNeedaLAW.ca, the group spearheading lifeTOUR.

LifeTOUR seeks to ensure that Canada’s leaders face the “injustice committed” against 100,000 pre-born Canadians every single year.

“We know most Canadians support laws protecting children in the womb at some stage of pregnancy. Now it’s time to put political pressure on our politicians to do something about it,” said Schouten.

The goal of lifeTOUR is to provide the people of Sault Ste. Marie with the tools needed to engage their politicians in effective discussion.

“Abortion is legal past the point when fetuses can live outside the womb. Pre-born girls are being targeted for abortion just because they are females.” said Schouten

“In fact, we don’t even protect pre-born victims of crime. A woman who has chosen to carry her baby to term receives no justice when someone takes that choice away by injuring or killing her child while committing a criminal act against a pregnant mother,” said Schouten.

“Canada’s position is extreme and it’s time we get in line with our international counterparts by protecting pre-born human rights,” concluded Schouten.