We Have Heart


The White Pines Wolverines may not have won a game in Girls Basketball yet, but, the Wolverines are far from giving up.

White Pines made the trek across town to go up against the Korah Colts on Thursday.
In Junior action the Colts held the Wolverines to only one point in the 1st quarter and White Pines picked up another 4 points in the 2nd quarter giving Korah a 17 to 5 lead at half time.

The Colts doubled up on points in the 3rd quarter and then kept up the pressure on the Wolverines in the 4th quarter with a final score of Korah Colts 38 to White Pines Wolverines 13.

Korah scorers
Makenna Cameron – 13
Samantha Hyde – 13
Emily Massicotte-Finch – 8
Tiana Maki – 4

White Pines scorers
Stephanie DelBosco – 5
Raina Brock – 3
Amy Lindsay – 3
Natasha Dobson – 2
The Senior game seen the Korah Colts jump out by 8 points at the end of the 1st quarter. The Wolverines made a comeback in the 2nd quarter picking up 4 more points than the Colts did and at the end of the first half Korah had a slight lead over White Pines by a score of 17 to 13.

In the second half Korah and White Pines traded baskets for the most part with the Colts gaining a slight advantage of 3 in the 3rd quarter and 4 in the 4th quarter to give the win to the Korah Colts by a score of 39 to 28.

Korah scorers
Tori Ivey – 18
C. Hargis – 5
Hryniewycz – 5
S. Gioia – 4
k. Palumbo – 3
M. Disano – 2
C. McLell – 2

White Pines scorers
Darby Sewell – 2
Jenna Solomon – 7
Julie Mullins – 4
Trina Pregent – 3
Brittany Cote – 2
Riley Crockford – 8
Hannah Lindsay – 2

In other action the St. Mary’s Knights Juniors slipped by the Superior Heights SteelHawks by a score of 27 to 19. Alyssa Rizzo counted 6 points and Jayme Meser netted 5 for St. Mary’s while Annie Damignani had 11 and S. Dinter had 4 points for Superior Heights.

In the Senior match up the Knights took down the SteelHawks 43 to 29. Serena Pulente, Hannah Soares and Taryn Lamorie each scored 8 points for St. Mary’s and Kiara Hamilton sank baskets for 12 points and Maggie Kirk had 8.

Week Four continues on Wednesday, October 14th when Korah will hit the court against St. Mary’s and Superior Heights will travel to White Pines. Junior games are at 5:15 pm with Senior action starting at 7:00 pm.