What Happened to the NDP?


morrisonIn a heartbreaking end to a long campaign, Federal Election NDP Candidate Skip Morrison met with party faithful gathered Monday night, October 19th,2015, at Grand Gardens on Dennis St., Sault Ste. Marie to share in a collective ‘hug’. Upwards of 100 party members came together to reflect on the numbers as polls were reporting the grim statistics for the NDP right across Canada. An overwhelming desire for change was the name of the game for Federal Election 2015.

“Strategic voting definitely played a factor in tonight’s (federal election) outcome” shared Jim Agnew, a long time NDP supporter and volunteer. “Canadian voters wanted change, and to be absolutely sure of that, they voted the best way they knew, to ensure a conservative government wasn’t re-elected”.

Richard Fletcher, NDP volunteer said “This is a real shocker. I’m very surprised that the numbers for the NDP federally are so low. This certainly isn’t the outcome we were expecting.”
Mr. Morrison, and the local NDP campaign volunteers can find consolation in the fact that several key NDP candidates went down to defeat, getting only 12% of the seats in the House of Commons by the end of election night.
Skip Morrison thanked all of the people who supported the campaign and worked so hard to keep the ideals of the New Democratic Party alive.

“We have put forward and elevated First Nation policies and principals; a Nation to Nation discourse that is essential for this country to advance. This was of the utmost importance for me. Tom Mulcair also felt this way. We will have to hold this new government to account going forward. We (NDP) believe in the democratic rights of individuals over corporations, and powerful banking interests. We believe in taking care of the disadvantaged. This means, not just the homeless poor, but also includes the chronically ill, the disabled, the seniors living in poverty, single parents trying to raise a family, and those families juggling three or four jobs, trying to make ends meet.”

Skip said “It’s an emotional experience going door-to-door.” He reflected on a particularly poignant story about a woman in Goulais, Ontario he spoke with, who’s mother is one of the murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada.

Don Waboose, Batchewana First Nation, shared a drum song in a powerful show of support for Skip Morrison and the local NDP campaign.

The evening closed with the volunteers thanking Skip Morrison for working so hard to build a strong voice for the Federal NDP in the community of Sault Ste. Marie.