Wolverines Get an A for Effort

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com

The White Pines Wolverines Senior Girls would get on the scoreboard first and would keep pace with the Korah Colts in the first quarter at White Pines with the Wolverines only down by 2 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the Wolverines would get behind by 6 points to give the Colts an 8 point lead by a score of 24 to 16.

A big turnaround for White Pines in the third quarter where the Wolverines picked up 7 points on the Colts to cut down Korah’s lead to only 1 point at the end of the quarter.

The Colts would put the game into high gear in the fourth quarter putting down 12 points while holding the Wolverines to no points with the final score of Korah – 39, White Pines – 26.

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com
Rod Aubertin:

White Pines Scorers:
Darby Sewell – 8
Julie Mullins – 6
Rylee Dunbar – 6
Trina Pregent – 2
Brittany Cote – 2
Shelby Bennett – 2

Korah Scorers:
Averi Bodnar – 15
Carina Hargis – 11
Tori Ivey – 5
Cam Mihell – 4
Shea Gioia – 3
Jayden Pettenuzzo – 1

Rod Aubertin: SSMPhotos.com
Rod Aubertin:

The Junior game had the Colts take down the Wolverines 45 to 20. With only 7 players for White Pines the girls had a hard time keeping pace with the Colts in all four quarters of the game.

Korah would have a 6 point lead at the end of the first quarter and would increase the lead at the half by a score of 24 to 11.

The Colts kept up the pace in the third quarter picking up 9 more points than the Wolverines, but the tempo of the game would slow in the last quarter with Korah only netting 3 more points than White Pines.

White Pines Scorers:
Maggie Maloney – 9
Stephanie Belbosco – 3
Amy Lindsay – 3
Cameron Smith – 3
Raina Brock – 2

Korah Scorers:
Tiana Maki – 12
Samantha Hyde – 11
Casandra Carlson – 10
Makenna Cameron – 8
Emily Massicotte-Finch – 2
Hayley Robillard – 2

In other action on the court the Superior Heights Juniors would take down St. Mary’s 35 to 29.

Brianna Bruni and Annie Damignani would score 11 points each for the Steel Hawks while Emily Scarpino would score 12 and Alyssa Rizzo got 10 points for St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s Knights Senior Girls slipped by the Superior Heights Steel Hawks by a score of 37 to 32.

Hannah Soares had 12 points, Alicia Gibbs had 10 and Megan Girardi with 9 points for the Knights. K. Jones had 11 points while A. Zack-Coneybear had 9 points for the Steel Hawks.