After 30 years of Service


On the 13th of November NORPRO Security and Investigations will celebrate the retirement of John DAVISON. John will retire after over 30 years of service with NORPRO, most recently acting as Executive Director of Operations.

John began his career with NORPRO on April 23rd 1983 and ran all aspects of the company until July 16th 2013 when NORPO Security and Investigations transitioned to the new owner Brad GEGORINNI.

“We are incredibly thankful to John for all of his leadership and continued support during the transition of ownership” said Brad GREGORINI. “He really is a great person and has been an amazing asset for us. I wish him all of the best in his retirement.”

Over the years John has always been a leader in Sault Ste. Marie. He served as the Inaugural President of CrimeStoppers of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District, Past President and Search Master of Sault Search and Rescue, and was Chairman of BonSoo Winter Carnival.

“It really has been an awesome ride” said DAVISON “I’m very happy to have been a instrumental in our past success and the ones to come in the future.”

“The most important accomplishment I have had was helping to guide over 75 young men and women on their path to careers with Canada Customs, Police Services and Correctional Facilities across Canada.

We at NORPRO Security and Investigations would like to thank John for his years of service and wish him long and healthy retirement.