..And Now it’s official!


I am very pleased to again announce my candidacy for the position of Ward 2 City Councillor.
While running during the last election I met many wonderful residents of Ward 2 and I am excited for the opportunity to do so again.

My platform for accountability and accessibility has not changed since my previous campaign.
With recent events I believe more strongly now than ever that there needs to be more consultation between city hall and residents.

More than that, I want to run again for my three daughters. I want to work for them to protect the services Sault Ste. Marie and Ward 2 need now, so that they can see themselves living and working here in the future.

I believe I will be the best representation for the vacant seat in Ward 2, and that fiscal responsibility can be balanced with appropriate investments to build a better community, and a better Sault Ste. Marie.