Best Laid Plans

This Rocky Life

Driving home today, I was feeling pretty exhausted.  Wearing my schoolboy type hat, to disguise the fact that I hadn’t showered yet today and had no makeup on, with my half mittens (where there are no fingers), I was anxious to get home before anyone saw me.

I zipped into my office this morning, to get a few things done, that I had jotted down on an index card.  Unfortunately, my little outing turned into almost four hours of plowing through items needing attention.  Although I planned to stay home and relax for most of the day today, it wasn’t in the cards.  Once I started barreling through my list, I was on a roll.

Even though our grand intentions often get derailed and this can be frustrating, there is one thing that I have learned when this happens – there is often a gap between deadlines and reality.  We can set up our plans in our mind, start plugging away and then get thrown completely off track.

I have come to understand that our plans are only loose guidelines.  A ‘to do’ list is more like a hopeful suggestion.  Our life goals are like a wish upon a star, even if everything aligns perfectly.  The bottom line is that if anyone has been able to accomplish everything, every time, which they set out to do, I would like to meet them.

Research has suggested that when we write things down, we set in motion a series of universal laws that begin working on that goal.  It is difficult to explain; however, something magical takes place when we decide what we want to get done.

Just this morning, I came across an old piece of paper, in our china cabinet drawer.  It included a ‘wish’ list of renovation items we hoped to accomplish within a couple month timeframe, on our vacant, old farmhouse property on St. Joseph Island.  At the time the list was made, we felt very confident that it was all doable, even though it was quite lengthy.

Eventually though, I stopped looking at the list because months and months passed, without things getting done.  There were a number of setbacks, problems and challenges, in addition to the fact that the time, energy or resources to complete the projects, didn’t fall from the sky, as hoped.  Instead, the list became a daunting and seemingly unachievable array of tasks.

To my surprise, when the list fell on the floor today, as I pulled out the stapler from the drawer, I was amazed when I read through it.  I called my husband over to watch with me, as I crossed out every single thing on that list.  All of the items eventually did get done and we had the document to prove it.

We promptly exchanged a high five, I ensured every item had a large line through it, with pen and I ripped the paper in pieces.  This list was all done!!  Even though it took well over a year and six times the original estimated time.

Over and over again, I am reminded that even though I may want something, it does not always happen on my schedule.  The reason for this is usually that I must work through something, including my belief system or my thought process, I must learn something before I will be rewarded with results or there is something that the universe is trying to tell me.

With some journaling and analysis, I have discovered that there have been numerous signs along the way, with regards to this property.  It is fifty acres in size, so beautiful and peaceful, with a nature trail, creek and pond running through it, even though we have rarely used it in over three years.

Every time we tried to sell it or rent it, something happened.  This included my husband’s health issues, finding that a windstorm had ripped shingles off of the roof and flooded three levels of the home on the day I arrived to show it to a serious, cash buyer and having another potential buyer back out on us.

We even decided at one point, to rent it, instead, but plans changed, at the last minute.  Now, we have accepted that this is my husband’s dream property, as he is originally from St. Joseph Island, and our retirement plans include keeping this property for ourselves.

Back to my original point; however, is that by writing down what we wanted to accomplish, we set in motion the action required to get the property back to being livable.  We are finally at that stage now and are ready to embrace the next leg of this journey.

I always repeat the widely proven sentiment that motivation and inspiration are useless without taking action but I also believe, with every cell of my being, that the power of writing our intentions is paramount.

We may not get things when we want them, but at least we can say we are ‘in progress’…

If you are serious about manifesting anything in particular, in your life, I invite you to write down three things that you are working towards, big or small and throw the list in a drawer.  Maybe you will magically set in motion the life energy needed to get them done… Isn’t it worth the try?

‘When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.’ ~ Thomas A. Edison

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