Cemetery vandalism under investigation


IMG_1683The Old Little Rapids Cemetery was hit by vandals twice over the weekend leaving some along the north shore asking why?

“they came on the weekend and knocked monuments over. James MacFarlane, Merl Lawrence and Sara Theodorson Beggs worked yesterday to fix the carnage only to have the thugs come again last night” Loyal Beggs from Beggs Funeral Home.

“It’s the heartache and the insult to families and you can’t assign a dollar value to that. It’s irreplaceable. Monuments can be repaired or eventually replaced but the pain lives on.”

The cemetery is on Little Rapids Road across from the United Church right in the village of Little Rapids four kms north of Thessslon.

OPP are handling the investigation and issued the following to saultonline.com

The Thessalon Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is currently investigating two mischiefs that occurred at the Little Rapids Cemetery located on —-north of Thessalon.

On Monday, November 16, 2015, the first mischief was reported. Culprits pushed over 22 monuments damaging approximately half of the monuments. Damage included broken and chipped monuments. Volunteers attended the cemetery later in the day to replace and repair the monuments.

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, the second mischief was reported. Culprits once again overnight attended the Little Rapids Cemetery pushing over the monuments and further damaging them.

IMG_1679More photos of the vandalism




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