Do you keep your eyes on the road?

Distracted Driving

How easy is it to be distracted while you’re driving? apparently very easy and it isn’t just from having a phone in your vehicle, there’s a number of things that can cause a driver to be distracted. That was put to the test yesterday in the parking lot at the Station Mall.

Distracted Driving’s Lydia McNeice tackled the course – she ended up hitting one pillion.

Participants had to drive an obstacle course , someone would then call the driver on their cellphone, the person would ask the driver to do simple tasks while driving the course. Several hit the pillions as they were driving.

The test, named Keep Your Eyes on the Road was a joint venture from Young Drivers and Maitland Motors along with OPP and the City Police Services.

In recent studies, the OPP have found that distracted driving has surpassed impaired driving as a factor in fatal collisions. Most drivers, they say are not aware of the things they miss when distracted. That distraction can come from eating while driving, putting on sunglasses, or even having a conversation with someone as they drive. Hand held devices however are the major concern.

Distracted DrivingA central element of Young Driver’s Eyes on the Road system is that drivers always need to know what is happening at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead of them and even further at highway speeds.

Official figures pegged distraction as a factor in 25 percent of all collisions and 93 percent of all rear end collisions was contributed in distracted driving.

Distracted DrivingSome common distractions on the road while in the car can include, active passengers, like children or pets, listening to music, reading maps or using a gps map, personal grooming and adjusting controls such as heat, air conditioners while outside distractions can include, pedestrians, cyclists, construction and street noise.

Distracted Driving