Earth Ranger Austin wants to save the little brown bat


Ask this 7 year old about bats and he will tell you all about them, in particular , little brown bats.

Austin Marshall who attends Mountain-view Public School is a member of the Earth Rangers program,  a Kids’ Conservation Organization backed by the government of Canada. Austin has a huge interest in bats but he’s passionate about brown bats because they are becoming an endangered species.

As a project to bring awareness to the brown bat, Austin put together a small display and took donations in support of the research surrounding an illness that is wiping out the small brown bat.  The major cause of documented mortality for Little Brown Bats in central and eastern Canada is a deadly fungus called white nose syndrome , “it’s already killed millions of bats” Austin said.  Lyndsay Marshall, Austin’s Mother joined her son at the Community First Credit Union on Trunk Road Monday morning. “I’m very proud of him, he’s been asking me for over a year if he could become an Earth Ranger”

batAustin collected over $160 for the cause, which goes to the Earth Ranger program. The employees at Community First will match the donations collected by Earth Ranger Austin.

“He did this all by himself, it was all his idea, Earth Rangers focuses on a few different animals each year and Austin chose the little brown bat.” Lyndsay said, “I’m really proud of him”

Austin said he would be interested in becoming a biologist one day. For now Austin is planning other fundraising ideas to help the little brown bat including a bake sale and garage sale.

Earth Rangers mission is, To educate and empower children to Bring Back the Wild, to learn more about this very important worthwhile organization go to