Earth Rangers Coming to Two Sault Schools


With over 100,000 members across Canada, Earth Rangers is the Kids’ Conservation Organization. By joining Earth Rangers, children make a commitment to engage in activities that help protect our natural world. Members, with support from their families, take part in activities like planting pollinator gardens, organizing shoreline cleanups and fundraising for animal conservation projects across Canada.

Children’s first encounter with Earth Rangers is often through our dynamic School Assembly Program, presented in over 800 schools across Canada each year. The School Assembly features an expansive set, dynamic music and educational content. The program also engages students and teachers in learning about Canadian conservation through videos and a fun and interactive game. Following a powerful opening sequence, the presenters introduce four of Earth Rangers’ live Animal Ambassadors, like Millie (armadillo), Kateri (peregrine falcon) Sarah (American kestrel) and Crismon (red tegu). These exciting animals demonstrate their natural behaviours for the students, like flying over their heads.

“The School Assembly Program is our most powerful way of connecting with children and motivating them to get involved in conservation,” says Peter Kendall, Executive Director, Earth Rangers. “Thanks to the incredible support of Shaw, Earth Rangers is able to bring the program to Sault Ste Marie where we can connect with the over 80 members and their families we already have in the area and inspire even more students to join Earth Rangers and take action to protect biodiversity.”

Earth Rangers’ and our live Animal Ambassadors will be in Sault Ste Marie delivering the School Assembly Program at two schools ,St. Mary’s French Immersion and Grand View Public School  on November 17, 2015.