Fire Fighters call special town hall meeting on public safety


Sault Ste. Marie professional fire fighters say public safety is at risk under a new plan from the city’s fire chief.

“we believe the public deserves to be properly informed about decisions that affect their lives and their property.” said in an email from union president Marty Kenopic Friday.
“The city has refused our request to have former Ontario Fire Marshal Patrick Burke appear before open council to discuss his concerns about the Oct. 26 decision to cut frontline fire department resources by almost 25 per cent.
As a result, and so that residents can be informed about their safety, your Sault Ste. Marie Fire Fighters are taking the extraordinary step of holding a special meeting”
Mr. Burke will be in attendance and will discuss the impact the cuts will have on emergency response capabilities and overall public safety in Sault Ste. Marie and answer questions from the public and the media.

Sunday, November 22, 2015 7:30 pm
Quattro Suites and Conference Centre
229 Great Northern Rd., Sault Ste. Marie


  1. It’s time to allow the mayor and fire chief to do their job. The fire union doesn’t like to hear the truth. This is about saving high paying jobs. We need paramedics in ambulances and have to pay for them somehow. I’m sick of the firefighter fear mongering.

  2. They are overreacting.
    This is a gradual plan that is subject to change if warranted.
    They think the new fire chief is not competent, obviously.
    They are also bitter over a few of his decisions since taking over.

  3. So, exactly who runs this city? I thought we elected a mayor and councillors for that job, not a firefighters union. I don’t recall voting for any of them. I’m not saying you don’t maybe have a point, but go thru proper channels, don’t keep trying to get in by the back door.. What’s next, riots in the streets or traffic slowdowns so you can hand out pamphlets to drivers? Do your jobs to the best of your abilities and let the chips fall where they may. Try working with your new boss instead of against him, might work wonders….IMHO…

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