Hoops Galore

Rod Aubertin SSMPhotos.com

Lots of basketball action to be seen this upcoming weekend.

Girls Basketball NOSSA “AA” will start on Friday with games at Korah Collegiate and at Superior Heights.

Here is the schedule for Friday Nov 20th:

Game # Level         Location            Time           Home Team            Away Team
J1 Junior                   Korah           11:30 am          Korah            St. Joseph Scollard Hall
S1 Senior                  Korah             1:45 pm          Korah            St. Joseph Scollard Hall
J2 Junior            Superior Heights   11:30 am    Superior Heights            Lockerby
S2 Senior           Superior Heights     1:45 pm    Superior Heights              Lasalle
J3 Junior                  Korah               3:30 pm        Winner J1                  Loser J2
S3 Senior                 Korah               5:30 pm        Winner S1                 Loser S2
J4 Junior            Superior Heights      3:30 pm        Winner J2                  Loser J1
S4 Senior           Superior Heights      5:30 pm        Winner S2                 Loser S1

The Finals on Saturday Nov 21st:

Game # Level         Location         Time       Home Team         Away Team
J5          Junior          Korah        11:00 am    Winner J3            Winner J4
S5         Senior          Korah         1:00 pm     Winner S3            Winner S4

The 2015 Eric Nystedt Memorial boys basketball tournament will be taking place this upcoming weekend. Sault College, Superior Heights and White Pines will be host this event. This will be the 19th annual tournament, in honour in memory of the former Bawating Collegiate student and fallen OPP Officer. This will be the third edition of the tournament in which Sault College, Korah Collegiate and Superior Heights personal have partnered together to co-convene the event.

Pool A Pool B
Confederation Central Algoma
Korah St. Mary’s
WC Eaket Superior Heights
White Pines

Junior Schedule for Friday Nov 20th is:

Game #           Location          Time         Home Team               Away Team
1                    Sault College  1:00 pm   Superior Heights           Central Algoma
2                    White Pines     3:30 pm         Korah                       WC Eaket
3                    White Pines     6:30 pm   Confederation                    Korah
4                    White Pines     6:30 pm        St. Mary’s                  White Pines

Junior Schedule for Saturday Nov 21st is:

Game # Location     Time                HomeTeam                     Away Team
5            White Pines  9:30 am         White Pines                   Superior Heights
6            White Pines  9:30 am       Central Algoma                    St. Mary’s
7           Sault College 9:30 am           WC Eaket                       Confederation
8        Superior Heights 1:30 pm         White Pines                    Central Algoma
9        Superior Heights 1:30 pm    Superior Heights                     St. Mary’s
10      Superior Heights 4:30 pm        2nd Pool A                         2nd Pool B
11      Superior Heights 4:30 pm        3rd Pool A                          3rd Pool A
12        Sault College    6:00 pm        1st Pool A                           1st Pool B

Senior Schedule for Friday Nov 20th is:
1 White Pines 5:00 pm Korah WC Eaket
2 Sault College 8:00 pm St. Ignatius White Pines
3 Sault College 2:30 pm St. Mary’s Central Algoma
4 Superior Heights 8:00 pm Superior Heights Confederation

Senior Schedule for Saturday Nov 21st are:
Game #               Location          Time           Home Team           Away Team
5                     Superior Heights 9:30 am      Loser Game 1        Loser Game 2
6                     Superior Heights 9:30 am      Loser Game 3        Loser Game 4
7                     Superior Heights 11:00 am    Winner Game 1      Winner Game 2
8                     Superior Heights 11:00 am    Winner Game 3      Winner Game 4
9                        White Pines       3:00 pm      Loser Game 5        Loser Game 6
10                   Superior Heights  3:00 pm       Loser Game 7        Loser Game 8
11                   Superior Heights   3:00 pm          Consolation Championships
12                   Sault College        8:00 pm       2015 Eric Nystedt Championship