Man arrested in Dog shooting in Haviland Bay says owner


As a follow up to a story that first appeared on Monday, the owner of a 15 month old dog named Remington which was shot with a bow and arrow in the Haviland Area Monday morning,  has indicated through Facebook that a man responsible has been caught by OPP.

Tina Fascina told Monday afternoon that they were rushing her dog to Lansing Michigan for emergency surgery following a shooting with a bow an arrow Monday morning during her walk along the shoreline near her Haviland Bay home, about 45 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie.  The dog was seen locally by a veterinarian and treated with an IV drip and medications for pain while Fascina was told to go to the University of Lansing veterinarian  for surgery to remove the arrow located in the hip area of the dog.

Fascina reports via Facebook, that Remington had the surgery and will make a full recovery. Meanwhile she thanked an OPP officer, “Brad” for his work in arresting a man in the shooting.

“A special thanks to Brad on the OPP team! And a special thanks to Lee Marcoux for getting this out to everyone!” Fascina posted. “Many thanks to the OPP and their K-9 unit. They tracked REMI’s tracks and found the evidence!”

There has been no confirmation of the arrest from the OPP or a name released in this incident.


  1. hey cousin am happy to hear that he was caught, so happy to hear that Remington is doin good I agree 100% he should be paying for vet bills,, take care n hope the new year brings u all the best for u n a family,,, ttyl TARA

  2. Bows and arrows are dangerous. . I live in the city and someone shot a razor arrow into my backyard, thank goodness my grandchildren or animals weren’t out there.

  3. Before another case of this happening happens any HIKERS USING THE VOYAGEUR TRAIL AROUND TOWER LAKE. There is a guy baiting deer directly onto the trail using pumpkins and corn. If you start at the south side of the lake and head north the blind will be on your right to the east before the section that crosses over 2 horse lake. If you see a small shelter about 30M after that on the right his blind is up on some rocks shooting down onto the trail. Saw this sometime last week and thought about how shitty someone would feel if something like this happened then saw this article and felt I should say something.

  4. Why No name of this excellent “Hunter” let me guess. He thought it was a Fawn? She mentioned that it is an area where people walk their dogs! And this clown is perch up somewhere with a Bow? What a nut..He should pay all the Vet Bills..pain and suffering. Then never to be able to have a weapon in his possession..Moron

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