Puppy shot with arrow in Haviland Bay


The owner of a young dog is on her way to the University of Lansing Veterinary Services in hopes of saving her dog Remington who was shot with a bow and arrow early Monday morning in the Haviland Bay area.

Tina Fascina-Iuliano told Saultonline.com that she was walking her dog this morning around 8 am on the shoreline. “He took off for a few minutes, it happened so fast”, Fascina-Iuliano doesn’t know who would have done such a thing and the fact that the person who shot Remington took the time to go to the dog and remove the arrow head but left the dog.

“People walk their dogs there all the time and I want people to know it’s dangerous with someone like this around.” The dog is about 15 months old and she’s worried for others who walk their dog in the area. “I thought it was safe living in the country.”

The OPP have been notified and Fascina-Iuliano wants the public to know there’s a sick individual in the area.

The clearly distraught owner said she’s doing all she can to make sure the dog is comfortable and headed to the Lansing University because they are familiar with such cases. In the meantime, the dog is on an IV drip and medication for pain. The arrow will be removed once the dog has been vet checked in Lansing. The dog was wounded in his back hind leg area.

The owner said she is in shock, the incident happened in the vicinity of Humphrey Circle and Olney Drive in Haviland Bay.

A reward for any information on who might have done this is being considered.


  1. How could this be an accident? If hunting one should be 100% sure of what they are about to shoot…no guessing based on a noise, movement or colour in the bush!!! You SEE the animal and IDENTIFY it…what type? What age? Male or female? Hunters are to know these things based on their licence/tag. So no excuse of an accident flies with me. I hope this poor dog fares well at the vet.

  2. Could still have been an accident and the person got scared , hopefully they come forward and explain the situation , I don’t think we should jump to conclusions on the person who shot the arrow…accidents happened ..every day to everyone

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