Report of Bernardo book sparks outrage


TORONTO – is taking heat on social media and its own website following a report that it’s selling an ebook by notorious killer Paul Bernardo.

Global News reports Bernardo is the author of a 631-page novel that’s selling on Amazon for $7.77.

A spokeswoman for Amazon could not confirm Bernardo is the author, and a call to Bernardo’s lawyer was not immediately returned.

Bernardo, who was declared a dangerous offender, is serving a life sentence in an eastern Ontario prison for crimes related to the rape and murder of two teenaged Ontario schoolgirls, Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

A description of the book says the story involves the Russian mafia, an al-Qaida plot to attack the U.S., and secret cabal planning to return Russia to a world superpower.

One person wrote “Shame on you Amazon” in comments on the Amazon site, while several others said they would no longer do any shopping with the online seller.

“Amazon is DESPICABLE in selling this “book” from this monster,” one person wrote.

“I will do no further business with Amazon while it allows this scum to profit.”

On Twitter, several tweets called for boycotts of Amazon, and a petition on calls on Amazon to stop selling the book.