Talk About Money – It Just Makes Cent$


Talking about money for most of us is still taboo. We all have different comfort levels when it comes to money yet it is one thing that we use in some form or another daily. Often people feel more comfortable talking about death as it is somewhere in the future, than talking about their personal finances.

The fifth annual Financial Literacy Month in Canada starts November 1st and Credit Counselling Canada wants everyone to start talking about money.

There are many reasons why people put off starting a conversation about personal finances. Some worry others will judge them or don’t want their children to be stressed about a family’s tight budget. But not talking about money doesn’t make the issue go away.

Discussions about shared finances, the financial situation of elderly parents or teaching your children to manage their money are all topics that play an important role in our lives.
So what’s the best way to talk about money? Credit Counselling Canada and its 16 not-for-profit member agencies across the country will be sharing tips and advice during November on how to start money conversations with children, partners, parents and others. Ideas include involving children in activity-based learning such as a trip to the grocery store to compare prices and get good value. If you’re worried about aging parents being susceptible to fraud start by telling a story about someone else’s experience, like a phone call promising to get rid of a computer virus.

However you go about it, starting the conversation is the first step. You may be surprised that it isn’t as hard as you thought and it can also strengthen relationships with the people you care about. Sharing ideas, knowledge and experience can help everyone see money in a different light. “Talk about money – it just makes cent$”.

Visit the CCC website for tips and tools during the month, follow us on Twitter @Creditcc and reach out to our members for activities in your community.